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Top Deb - Debubblazer 32oz
 Top Deb - Debubblazer 32oz

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Top Deb – Debubblizer

When pouring into molds for casting dental models, surface tension can push back the casting material and form imperfections and air bubbles. Our Top-Deb Debubblizer prevents this by stabilizing the surface of the mold, allowing material to flow into the thinnest areas and adhere completely to the mold, allowing accurate, highly detailed and dense castings.
Can also be used in treating stored impressions and wax patterns, to aid in removal of dust particles and oily residues which accumulate over time.
  • Universal application, including silicone, rubber base or alginate impression material
  • Includes refillable misting spray container for easy application.

Product details:

blue transparent
 Art no. 26-400-1000 

Top Deb - Debubblizer 8oz
Top Deb - Debubblizer 8oz
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