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Top Dip Wax M
 Top Dip Wax M

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ORANGE ----- Top Dip Wax M --------- Art no. 26-200D
PINK --------- Top Dip Wax M --------- Art no. 26-210D
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Top Dip Wax

Top Dip Wax is used in electrical dripping pots. Perfect measures allow precise and consistent results. Once liquefied, provides excellent elasticity, adaption and detail. Retains strong edges with a memory enhanced elastic feel, clean burn out and minimum shrinkage for consistent dimensional integrity. 
  • Dries quickly.
  • Eliminates resealing. 
  • Maximum hygroscopic expansion for casting fit requiring no additional adjustment. 
  • Contains natural resins for stability and elasticity.
  • Excellent scraping and cutting properties allow best fittings and easy crown adaption.
  • Resists warping, deforming or breaking of copings.
  • Can be held in molten state for long periods of time.
  • Easy clean up.
Three firmnesses, each in precise segmented sheets:
  • Soft (Top Dip Wax S) in red, solid bar form, 100g.
    • Homogeneous wax form model results.
    • Leaves no wax residue on model.
    • Retains strong edges.
  • Medium (Top Dip Wax M) in orange or pink, solid bar form, 100g.
    • Perfect elasticity properties.
    • Recommended hardness for all applications.
  • Hard (Top Dip Wax H) in green, solid bar form, 100g.
    • Produces very strong wax – copings.
  • Great for making secondary forms with conus or telescope technique.
  • Precise and consistent results.
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Top Dip Wax H
Top Dip Wax H
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Top Dip Wax S
Top Dip Wax S
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