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Top Marker Blue
 Top Marker Blue

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Top Marker - Blue

A fast-drying low-viscosity marking pigment for detecting high spots and tight spots when seating castings, Top Marker provides high-contrast, accurate smears transferred at the slightest pressure on the opposing side to identify ‘problem areas’ on interproximal and occlusal areas.

Top Marker dries within seconds, creating a transfer indicator which easily marks a variety of contact surfaces including stone, acrylic resins,  inlays, onlays, cast metal crowns, clasps, wax, porcelain crowns and teeth, gold and non-precious alloys.
  • Applies with brush.
  • Will not stain or discolor, does not contaminate metal.
  • Easy removal with water and soft brush.
  •  1/2oz
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Top Marker - Thinner
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